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JANUARY 07, 2006

James will be at NAMM 2006! He'll be performing a few times over at the Caparison Guitars booth. Come by and say hello.

DECEMBER 14, 2005

A message from James Murphy, dated 12/14/05:

"Well, I’m in NYC, and will be performing at the Roadrunner United concert with a big list of roadrunner alumni and current artists tomorrow night, December 15th at the Nokia Theater just off Times Square, we had the first rehearsal last night and will run the whole show down once tonight... I’m playing 3 songs: King Diamond “Abigail”, Mercyful Fate “Curse of the Pharaoh”, and Annihilator “Alison Hell” with various other guys like Joey Jordison (Slipknot), Roy Mayorga (Soulfly), Adam Deuce (Machine Head), Paul Gray (Slipknot), Andreas Kisser (Sepultura), Jeff Waters (Annihilator), and Tim Ripper Owens (Judas Priest, Iced Earth)."

DECEMBER 13, 2005

R.I.P. Chuck Schuldiner. You are not forgetten.

AUGUST 31, 2005

A message from James Murphy:

Hi everyone. I’m sorry for dropping out... I’ve been dealing with my Grandmother’s illness and passing. Several weeks ago she was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor, quite large and inoperable. She has always been a major part of our family life and an “anchor” if you will, always there for me with a place to stay and a meal throughout the ups and downs of my career, not to mention her unconditional love.

Dealing with the emotional side and logistics of always having at least one family member in the hospital with her... And now with the family handling all her final business... It’s been overwhelming and ongoing. Her funeral was last week and I have begun to see the light of day again finally.

Even with these issues I managed to get more recording for the Death Tribute done. On the day of my grandmother’s funeral, after the services, I made the trip to Tampa to record the singer of Dillinger Escape Plan... And only two days before (one day after she passed) I traveled to Orlando to record the bassist of Dillinger Escape Plan. It was hard for me to focus but I couldn’t lose the opportunity to have these two great musicians on Within The Mind. Their performances for Chuck’s memory transcend the difficult circumstances I recorded them under.

I also want to take a moment to express my sadness about the passing of Piggy. I have no words that haven’t already been spoken more eloquently than I can manage at this moment. I was given the first 2 albums as a gift and when number 3, Killing Technology, came out I was at the store the day it was released. Some months later I stood outside at Janis Landing in St. Petersburg to see the tour and buy the T-shirt. Piggy was, and is, an inspiration.

I’ll be in touch soon,

James M.

Rest In Peace,
Gertrude Lasada Wyrick Raulerson
Denis “Piggy” D’Amour

MARCH 24, 2005

James and Andy Sneap in the studio
[James and Andy Sneap]

MARCH 21, 2005

I've added a new section to James' photo page: 'NAMM'!

James and Andy Sneap in the studio
[James with Andy Sneap]

MARCH 18, 2005

James is in the U.K. with Andy Sneap. We'll get details soon.

JANUARY 01, 2005

Happy New Year!

DECEMBER 25, 2004

Merry X-mas, everyone, though a sad one it is.

DECEMBER 13, 2004

A message from James:

As we mourn the recent passing of one musical giant the calendar marks the 3rd anniversary of the tragic parting of another, equal in stature and influence, and as deeply missed. I so very much wanted to complete the Within The Mind tribute album by this day, but the logistics of organizing so many great talents has proven far more daunting than I ever would have imagined. Still, the progress has been good and I feel in my heart that Chuck would be proud of our efforts, and would want a special dedication placed on the album for Dimebag Darrell Abbott. The names, memories, and spirits of Chuck, Darrell, and many other fallen musical heroes will live on with us all and inspire the heroes of the future. This is the true destiny of their legacies and, above all material considerations of fame and wealth, is the best that any musician can ever dream of attaining: a true contribution.

Rest in peace Chuck and Darrell, you will live on through your music forever.

James Murphy
Dec. 13th, 2004

DECEMBER 10, 2004

A message from James on Dimebag Darrell


I first met Darrell about 18 years ago at a show in Texas around 85-86. Pantera was playing to a pretty packed house at this little hole-in-the-wall venue.. a bar really, with a stage jammed into one corner. I had not come for the music, but rather to socialize and have a few drinks. I was only 18 or 19 (18 was old enough to buy beer in Texas and Louisiana in those days) and I had never heard of Pantera before. I nursed my beer and mingled as the band on stage played a diverse collection of cover songs and soon enough I started to take note of the killer playing of the lone guitarist on stage and became more and more impressed as the band started to work in some original music. I took note of two things in particular: 1. how this band with this single guitarist could sound so thick and powerful on stage, and 2. how that guitarist who looked to be about the same age as me could play so damn well and with such an original style. He was, in my estimation, light years ahead of me.

As the night was wrapping up I made my way to the band's merchandise table where I noticed some cassette tapes for sale, asked which one was the most recent, and purchased it. I then made my way over to where the guitarist was hanging out off to the side of the tiny stage and introduced myself. Diamond Darrell, as he was known in those days, extended his hand warmly and though he was tired and trying to pack up some gear he still took the time to chat and tell me more about himself and the band. Having met many "bar band" guitarists by that point from the Texas and Louisiana club circuit I was immediately struck by how truly nice Darrell was by comparison to some of the other guys I had talked to... he showed me his guitar, his rig, and tried to show me a couple cool guitar licks on his unplugged instrument over the din of the bar crowd. I was in awe of this guy, and when I asked he revealed to me that he was less than one year older than me.. I was floored and rushed home with my new Pantera cassette determined to practice until I was on a level somewhere close to Darrell's by the following year.

That tape was titled "I Am The Night" and though the tape itself wore out years ago from constant play, I recall that the line-up consisted of all but Phil Anselmo out of the line-up we all know from the most famous albums.. i. e., from CFH onward. I liked every song and Darrell's incredibly tight rhythm playing was evident throughout the album, but there was also an instrumental track that showcased Darrell's amazing solo guitar talent, I think it was titled "D-G-T-T-M" and I wore my fingers and ears out trying to learn it.

I met Darrell many more times over the years, especially as my career started moving forward in 1990, and no matter how big Pantera got he was always the same as that first meeting.... genuinely nice. Sometimes he would remember me, other times he didn't seem to at all, but he never treated me any differently.

I will miss you Darrell, the world will miss you. My deepest sympathies to Vinnie, Rita, and the entire Abbott family as well as to all those like myself who are, have been, and always will be, in awe of what you accomplished, what you played, and most importantly, who you were.

Rest in peace brother.

James Murphy
Dec. 10, 2004

NOVEMBER 23, 2004


Alexi, James, Dino, and Chris
[James with Alexi, Dino and Chris Broderick]

Mini-update from James:

Just wanted to share this pic taken a couple weeks ago at the Rainbow in Los Angeles of me with my friends Alexi Laiho of Children Of Bodom, Dino Cazares of Brujeria, Asesino, and formerly of Fear Factory, and Chris Broderick of Jag Panzer. All is going well and a huge Death tribute update is on the way!

~James Murphy

AUGUST 23, 2004

Updates from James



I have recently had the honor and privilege of recording several guest solos for some friend's CD projects, I love this kind of work because it gives me a chance to improvise and create music with a totally different back-drop. The most recent guest solo I have completed is for a band headed by Dream Evil and Nightrage guitarist Gus G. called Firewind so check that one out coming up on their 3rd album release which is currently being mixed by Fredrick Nordstrom.

I also just laid down one solo for Deron Miller and Jess Margera from cKy's side-project band Foreign Objects. Deron and Jess were really into what I did and asked me to play the solos for the entire album and be a part of the project on an on-going basis, to include some possible short runs of live dates. I really enjoyed the project as it is quite different from the norm... "neo-technical" death-metal, as it has been described. I can tell you that it's heavy and very musical, so I'm down to work with them on it into the future and will be recording the rest of the solos for the album within the next couple weeks. However, it is a side-project, and as such it will not keep either Deron or Jess from cKy or me from the Death Tribute or, following that, Disincarnate.

Another project I've recently contributed some solo work to is the second solo album of Sun Caged bassist Rob Van Der Loo. Rob has gathered a killer collection of guests on this project and to top it off he's an awesome bassist, so check it out.

Here's a list of all the other guest solo stuff I have done since my surgery for those who are interested:

2 solos and some other various bits for Summon's "And The Blood Runs Black" album, out now on Moribund.
2 solos for Malevolent Creation's "The Will To Kill" album, out now on Nuclear Blast.
1 solo for Enforsaken's "The Forever Endeavor" album, out now on Olympic/Century Media.
1 solo for the up-and-coming Polish death-metal band Demise's "Torture Garden" album for which they are now looking for a record contract.
2 solos for Single Bullet Theory's "Behind Eyes Of Hatred" album, coming soon from Crash Music.
5 solos for the young band Memorain from Greece on their newest release, "White Line".


I just wanted to take a second to update you all about the recent switch I made in the guitars I use.

I've recently started using Caparison Guitars exclusively!!! I'm very excited about my new guitars... Caparison has sent me 3 of these beauties so far and they are extraordinary guitars both in craftsmanship and cosmetic appearance... and they play great! The primary model I'm playing now is the Dellinger, of which I have 2, but I am also using an Angelus which is also an incredible guitar. Click here to view a picture of the Angelus and one of the Dellingers... nice! Click here to see the other Dellinger.

I'm sure you can tell I'm very excited about my new guitars! Check them out online.


International Death Fest banner

Castle Blakk is hosting a show for my benefit on September 17th and 18th. My thanks go out to them for their efforts, as I am still terribly in debt due to my illness. Visit the site they have set up for the show: International Metalfest. I'm going to make every effort to be at the show and, if possible, perform a song or two with one or more of the bands. Once again I am humbled at the kindness being shown to me and the willingness to help. thanks as well to everyone who has taken the time to help me, even if it was only through a supportive letter... you have been the primary reason I have been able to continue with music!

Many, many thanks,
~James Murphy

AUGUST 20, 2004

Check out this great interview with James at Abrasive Rock.

AUGUST 15, 2004

From Blabbermouth:

Renowned metal guitarist/producer James Murphy (ex-TESTAMENT, DEATH, OBITUARY) has issued the following post-Hurricane Charley update:

"Hi folks,
"In the aftermath of Charley we have squeaked by and made it through in much better shape than many of our neighbors in other communities in our immediate vicinity. Florida has 13 confirmed deaths as of this writing and that death toll is guaranteed to rise. Damage is in the billions of dollars range.

"My household and family were very lucky indeed. The worst for us was some debris blown into our yard and we are without power, possibly for a few more days yet. We are currently running our fridge and computer and a couple lights with a gas-powered generator. Luckily we have family within both 15 and 30 minutes drives from us that have power, so showers are not a problem.

"I have incredible sympathy right now for all of our Florida neighbors who faired far, far worse than us. The loss of life is horrible. The loss of property is tremendous. The last 'zig to the right' that Charley made before entering my area spared central and northern Polk county which had been squarely in the cyclone's path, and thus most of the damage in my area occurred in southern Polk.

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"Thanks for your concern everyone, I appreciate it very much."

AUGUST 13, 2004

From Blabbermouth:

Renowned metal guitarist/producer James Murphy (ex-TESTAMENT, DEATH, OBITUARY) has issued the following alert:

"Hurricane Charley (CNN) is barreling its monstrous way on a path that will bring it right down the throats of me and my family... in just a few hours. I'm wrapping up all the gear I've managed to accumulate since my illness wiped out damn near my entire previous existence, to protect it from water and banging around just in case we lose our roof, or worse. I'm just praying at this point that this damn cyclone doesn't wipe me out for the second time in less than 5 years.

"Wish me and my family, and all the other hapless souls that are in the path of this thing, luck. If all goes well, I'll be seeing some of you at the CHIMAIRA, MACHINE HEAD, TRIVIUM show tomorrow in Orlando. If not... well, let's not go there just yet.

"I'll report again when I can."

JULY 23, 2004

There is a benefit concert in James' honor set for next month. View the details below (Thanks, Metal Mom):

When: September 17 & 18 2004
Where: The Token Lounge, Westland, MI
Website: International Metalfest

JUNE 30, 2004


JUNE 07, 2004

Update from James:

Hi Everyone,

It's been a good while since my last update and I apologize... been quite busy with the Within The Mind project, which for those who don't already know is the star studded tribute to Chuck Schuldiner and Death that I have been working on, as well as a few guest appearances which you will be able to read about here on my personal site.

Here's a list of everyone who has recorded so far... this includes all the way to back to the start of the project and brings us right up to date as of last week:

Richard Christy (drummer from Death, Control Denied, and Iced Earth)
Mark Hunter (vocalist from Chimaira)
Matt Thompson (drummer from King Diamond)
Matt Difabio (vocalist/guitarist from Single Bullet Theory and Pissing Razors)
Bill Mezic (bassist from Single Bullet Theory and Seven Witches)

and most recently...

Jason Bittner (drummer from Shadow's Fall)
Matt Bachand (guitarist from Shadow's Fall)

Yes!! A couple weeks ago I traveled to Albany, NY where I was picked up at the airport by Jason Bittner and we headed directly over to Hydrostatic Recording Studios to begin setting up the drums and getting tones for the session.

We started recording the drum tracks and rough guitar tracks for 3 Death songs (not telling yet)! The following day and Shadow's Fall guitarist Matt Bachand showed up a little later that morning to be on hand to record guitar parts for one of the songs.

The session went very smoothly and it was easy to tell that Jason had been playing the songs for quite a while and when you finally hear his performance on the CD there will no doubt as to why Modern Drummer Magazine recently awarded him the #1 Up And Coming Drummer Award. Matt and Jason both kicked ass on the tracks and once again the high standard set by Richard Christy at the beginning of the project was maintained!

Next up I'll be heading to the NY area again to record for the project with Dave Culross, Brett Hofmann, Ross Dolan, and others.

Check the tribute site for pics from the session.

Thanks... I will also soon be sending out a personal update and a Disincarnate update.. thanks again!

~James Murphy

FEBRUARY 24, 2004

The latest DEATH TRIBUTE news directly from James Murphy:

This past Saturday I traveled to Orlando to Richard Christy's warehouse where he and I practiced the songs which he will be playing on for the Within The Mind project. On the first passes through the songs we nailed them... it sounded more like we had been playing together for months rather than minutes. Richard is a very disciplined and talented musician and clearly those traits, along with his love for the music of Death and Chuck Schuldiner, have pushed him to put a good amount of his free time into practicing for the upcoming session. the results will be awesome, I'm more than certain.

It's also looking like a few more guests have been added, Matt Thompson of King Diamond is tentatively scheduled to play drums on one or two tracks, his touring and recording schedule allowing, as is Pissing Razors/Single Bullet Theory vocalist/guitarist Matt DiFabio. barring Opeth drummer Martin Lopez's availability, the remainder of the drum tracks are scheduled to be recorded with Dave Culross of Malevolent Creation and Suffocation fame.

Immediately following the recordings with Richard Christy I will begin traveling to gather the rest of the performances. currently planned destinations include California, Pennsylvania, Iowa, NY and Canada. more US locations and several European locations will also be visited before the project's end.

~James Murphy
Within The Mind Site

FEBRUARY 23, 2004:

Added to the 'Gear' section of the site.

FEBRUARY 12, 2004:

Update From James

Another new, confirmed guest for the Within The Mind tribute: Luc Lemay of Gorguts!!

That brings the total new additions to 4 in as many days. Luc joins other recent additions Richard Christy (Iced Earth, Ex-Death, Control Denied), Patrick Mameli (Ex-Pestilence) and Jean-Francois Dagenais (Kataklysm).

James M.

FEBRUARY 10, 2004

An update from James!

Tonight Richard Christy (Death, Control Denied, Iced Earth, Burning Inside) confirmed his appearance on the Within The Mind project. Richard will play on a total of 4 tracks which originate on the Human and Individual Thought Patterns albums. he will spend the next week or so refreshing his memory and sharpening his chops on those songs and then i will join him at his Orlando warehouse the following weekend for some intense rehearsals after which we will enter a local Orlando studio (ARS is the most likely choice) and lay down his tracks. we're very excited and honored to have Richard on board and his tracks will be the first to be recorded for the project!

Soon after I will begin rehearsals with Dave Culross and he will record the majority of the remaining drum tracks.

Also noteworthy: at last night's Opeth concert in Tampa drummer Martin Lopez expressed his interest in playing at least one track on the Within The Mind project. schedules permitting, I will try hard to make certain that he does!

More news as it develops....


JANUARY 07, 2004

Here are some new auctions for James to start off the New Year:


JANUARY 01, 2004


DECEMBER 25, 2003



OCTOBER 30, 2003

James just finalized a deal to be endorsed by Caparison Guitars. Other artists using these awesome guitars: Arch Enemy, Soilwork, The Haunted, Killswitch Engage, and more! Congrats, James!

The latest from James:

Here's what I've been up to... I just mastered the new Enforsaken for Century Media/Olympic Records called "The Forever Endeavor", on which I also played a guest guitar solo. I also finished 5 guest solos for a band in Greece called Memorain and right now I'm working on mixing the CD of a Polish band called Demise. All this and still organizing the Death tribute and trying to find the time to write Disincarnate material... whew!!!


OCTOBER 10, 2003

James talks about the benefit show held in his honor on September 6, 2003:

The benefit show held in St. Petersburg for me on September 6th was a great success; thank you to all who were there, both playing and watching! Special thanks to all the members of Six Feet Under, Diabolic, The Absence, Yeti, Cyst.. you guys all made the night one to remember. Special thanks also to the tireless promoter, Tony Anderson, who conceived, planned and executed the show with selfless determination, and who joins Doreen Harley (Indiana), Cheri Anderson (Michigan), Mark Carras (Washington), Scary Gary (California), Sherrie Zemla (Canada), and Chris McDermott and friends (Scotland) as among my all-time favorite people! Thanks directly to this show, I am now once again able to see an Endocrinologist and get the tests necessary to monitor my condition. Here is a more complete thanks list for those who helped make the show happen: Tony Anderson, Jack Rudzinski, Heather Bourgault, LIZ Celona, Jill Butler, TJ Starr, Darron Saunders, Matt Mullins, Mark Mullins, Noel Eve Verg'e, the crew at, Jason Haitkin (Uranium), and any other's who may have been overlooked... thank you all very much!


Photos of Six Feet Under & The Absence:

SEPTEMBER 29, 2003

Here's a special message from James:

"On Friday, September 26th one of my favorite guitarists passed away due to severe problems with his lungs. My heartfelt condolences go out to his family and bandmates. He will continue to be an inspiration to my playing and will always be a "mentor in absentia" for all my musical endeavors. Rest in peace Shawn, your memory will be cherished by me and your legions of fans the world over."

Shawn Lane

SEPTEMBER 02, 2003

Added to James' "Thank You" list.

AUGUST 27, 2003

Here is a recent interview with James by CRUSHER Magazine

AUGUST 26, 2003

The current line-up for the James Murphy Benefit Show scheduled for next month is:


James Murphy Benefit 2003

When: September 6, 2003
Time: Doors @ 7:00pm
Where: Venom Night Club, 4900 66th Street, St. Petersburg, FL

AUGUST 20, 2003

Auctions are CLOSED.

AUGUST 13, 2003

There will be a benefit for James held next month on September 6th. The info is below:

JAMES MURPHY BENEFIT - September 6, 2003


DOORS @ 7:00PM
Venom Night Club, 4900 66th Street, St. Petersburg, FL

AUGUST 05, 2003

A new auction for James, courtesy of Deron Miller:


JULY 30, 2003


JULY 26, 2003

Added a new 'Engineering/Mixing' sub-section to the 'Production' credits.

JULY 24, 2003

I've added to James' Mastering Credits.

JULY 23, 2003

IMMOLATION frontman Ross Dolan is the latest musician added to the list of guest performers set to appear on the forthcoming DEATH tribute album currently being put together by James!

JULY 16, 2003

A new message from James:

"As of tonight both Paul and Mick from Slipknot have been confirmed as major contributors to the Death tribute, and will be performing on many of the tracks... in addition, Terry Butler(Ex-Death, Six Feet Under) will contribute some bass tracks. Paul, Mick, and Terry will be joining myself, Deron Miller (CKY), Dave Culross (Suffocation, Malevolent Creation), and Brett Hoffman (Malevolent Creation), and a few other as yet unconfirmed guests at SR Studios in Iowa (the studio is still subject to final confirmation) in mid to late August to begin tracking.

We're not giving up the full tracklist just yet.... but some highlights are:

Land Of No Return
Forgotten Past
Lack Of Comprehension

.....and many more."

~James Murphy

Below are some auctions for James:


MAY 14, 2003

A message from James:

HI Everyone,

I just want to let everyone know that I received some really great news last week from my Ophthalmologist. Since my surgery my vision has been steadily improving and late last week my doctor officially pronounced my vision as "legal to drive" again. This is a very big announcement because when I first saw this same eye doctor over a year ago he told me that I would not see much improvement in my vision, and would never be able to drive again.

Needless to say we are all very happy, including my doctor who couldn't wipe the smile off of his face.... apparently it is very rare for the optic nerve to recover so well from serious damage of the type which mine was believed to have sustained from the tumor's pressure. I no longer have 20/20 vision.... but there has been a big improvement!

Anyway, I won't be running the roads anytime soon since I will now have to take care of old citations; $1100 worth from when I was driving with the effects of the tumor in full swing while still living in Oakland, CA back in 1999 and 2000. Yes, I could barely see, and my memory was not working very well, but I was driving around endangering myself and others thanks to the tumor. needless to say OPD and SFPD didn't take kindly to my erratic swerving around the Bay Area roads and highways. I don't remember much about all of it, but the citations are on the records, and must be dealt with before I will be able to secure a Florida Driver's License.

After I find some way to handle those fines I will then be faced with figuring out how to save for a car, but those issues aside, I am very happy and excited to know that I will be able to drive again!

Musically speaking, I am in the process of a collaboration with Deron Miller of CKY, Brett Hoffman (ex-Malevolent Creation), and Dave Culross (ex- Malevolent Creation, Suffocation) which will take the form of a Death tribute album. This project was Deron's idea that he came up with as a way to help me with my medical expenses. The Schuldiner family has kindly given their blessings to this project and for that I am eternally grateful.

We plan to have quite a few other preeminent guests from bands you may well know and love (not telling yet...). We have chosen the core band for the tribute and selected the tracks (so please don't bomb me with lists of requests! LOL!!) and now we are seeking a label. Anyone living in the S.F. Bay Area should be sure to check out Deron's band CKY as they open the show for Metallica on May 18th at the Fillmore auditorium!!

I want to touch on the subject of Disincarnate briefly. I am still writing material, though at a slow-ish pace. I have had so many other things going on that I don't want to force the writing during whatever free time I could squeeze together and end up robbing myself, Nuclear Blast, and all of you who have been so patiently waiting, of the quality we are all expecting from a new Disincarnate album. So, I am focusing on the Death Tribute to guarantee that it will be great, and a few small production jobs which I must do to pull my weight in helping make ends meet and keep me in the producing game. This way I will have the time to focus fully on the new Disincarnate CD with few distractions. I want to make sure that it has the best chance possible to come out with the brutal, crushing songs and sound that I am envisioning for it.

I am writing new Disincarnate riffs nearly every time I pick up my guitar, so as soon as I complete this other work I will have a big head start.

Just to tie over those of you who are anxiously awaiting the new Disincarnate CD, and who have been searching long and hard for copies of the first album, RoadRunner Records Japan has recently re-released "Dreams Of The Carrion Kind", and it has been re-mastered!! The new mastering gives the disc a great deal more power and clarity than the original release had. And, coming up, RoadRunner U.S. will also re-release "Dreams..." with the new mastering and extra liner notes.... and, if possible, the original demo tracks that got us signed to the label back in 1992!!

Finally, please check out the auction links below. There are once again some cool items up for grabs from my good friend Doug Harper, who holds these auctions to help me with my bills and expenses. This time the list includes one of those cool Japanese "Dreams of the Carrion Kind" re-issues I mentioned earlier.

Thanks for your time, and if you can squeeze an extra minute, revisit my website and check out the new graphic design that is in progress (thanks to my hardworking webmaster, Ms. Anthrope), and sign the guest book, or participate in a thread on my Official Forum courtesy of Ultimate Metal.

~James Murphy

P.S.... A couple months ago I completed work mixing and mastering the debut CD of Single Bullet Theory for Crash Music Inc. The album, titled "Route 666", has just been released so check it out if you get a chance.:

Here are the new auctions below for James, courtesy of Doug Harper:


MAY 07, 2003 will hosting a benefit concert for James today at the Edinburgh Venue in Scotland. The line-up consists of Desecration (Top UK death act), Errata, Zillah, Pathogen, and Man Must Die. All proceeds will go to help James' medical expenses. Special thanks to Chris McDermott, Stewart Whitson, and Mike Miller!

APRIL 30, 2003

Re-named the new 'Mastering' section of the site to 'Production,' which is more appropriate. Also, added links to Deron Miller and CKY.

APRIL 29,2003

Added to James' Mastering section of the site - check it out!

APRIL 28,2003

I am working on changing the look of the site, so please bear with me if the new colour scheme clashes with the old one. I wanted to put up an updated menu A.S.A.P. so you folks can see all the sections of the site. There will be a new 'Mastering' section of the numerous projects has James worked on - it's a very impressive body of work!

APRIL 27,2003


APRIL 11, 2003

I've updated James' discography, in the 'Guest Spots III' section. James played guest performances on several tracks of the new SUMMON album, "...and the Blood Runs Black," on Moribund Records. It's out now and available at all the usual places for extreme metal. You can purchase the album directly through PayPal for $12.00, by clicking the button below:


Summon CD

MORE auctions for James, courtesy of Doug Harper and Deron Miller:


APRIL 02, 2003

Here are more auctions for James, courtesy of Doug Harper. The items below are NEW, NEVER PLAYED:


MARCH 26, 2003

James is back from New York!

He just finished mixing and mastering the band Single Bullet Theory's upcoming debut release on Crash, Inc./Pavement Records called "Route 666." SBT and their label have made a press release and the following is an excerpt:

Philadelphia's Single Bullet Theory have completed the new cd entitled "Route 666." The cd is over 45 minutes of nonstop, in your face sonic brutality mixed with intelligent melody and memorable hooks. The disc was partially tracked and totally mixed by none other then James Murphy (Testament, Death, Disincarnate) at a secluded studio in Northern New York. "It was an absolute honor to work with someone as talented as James." States Guitarist / Vocalist Matt Difabio. "The guy has been influencing me as a player since the time I picked up the guitar and to know that he was a crucial part of our new cd is incredible."

The record balances deep textured guitar work mixed in with some harshly aggressive vocals making the cds harder edge about as abrasive as 10 grit sandpaper while songs like "Abduction" showcase clean, whispered versus deftly weaving a sonic tapestry of multiple sound scapes.

Welcome back, James! I will have more for you soon, as James will fill me in on the latest.

MARCH 08, 2003

James will play 3 songs today as a guest of his friend's band, "HavocHate," at the New Jersey Metal Meltdown. It's a surprise... shhhhhh ;-)!

FEBRUARY 19, 2003

I heard from James last night! He is doing well and sends his regards to all. He also wanted me to let you know that he hasn't been answering e-mail or posting on his forum because he doesn't have internet access at where he is staying temporarily. James promises a big update, so keep checking back. Doug Harper will have more cool auctions as well!

JANUARY 30, 2003

This is a bit late... but HAPPY NEW YEAR! Anyway, James has been very hard at work on a new project and I will get the 'latest' from him as soon as he has a moment.

DECEMBER 13, 2002

One year anniversary of Chuck Schuldiner's untimely passing - R.I.P.

DECEMBER 12, 2002

Xmas card
[A little Christmas greeting from James.]

NOVEMBER 27, 2002

Added a few photos of James at the Xtreme Benefest in the 'Benefit' section of James' photos. Also added some of James' new digital art pieces in the 'Graphics' section - check them out! James played live with Summon at the Benefest, his first performance in 3 years!!! For those of you who haven't heard this yet, here's a mini-sound clip of what James is currently working on: JM Sound Clip. We will have an update for you soon.

NOVEMBER 07, 2002

James is back home! I've added some new photos from his recent trip to the Bay Area - in the 'Studio' and 'Friends' sections. Also, I've updated his discography, in 'Guest Spots III'.

NOVEMBER 04, 2002

Per Promoter Cheri Anderson's E-mail:

XTREME BENEFEST (a 2-Day benefit fest to raise medical funds for renowed guitarist James Murphy) has changed venues & the show will be held at:

16350 Harper Ave.
Detroit, Michigan 48224 (USA)
ph# (313) 881-ROCK

The dates will remain the same: FRIDAY & SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 15 & 16, 2002, ALL AGES SHOW - 23 BANDS

Eight bands have been removed from the original 31 band lineup, in order to reduce the number of time-slots & to accommodate the hours for the I-Rock. I am extremely thankful to the guys of the I-Rock for helping this show go on!

ADVANCE Ticket prices have been lowered!
2-Day tickets $ 35.00 (US dollars)
Friday Only $ 20.00 (US dollars)
Saturday Only $ 20.00 (US dollars)

ADVANCE Tickets are available from Xtreme Benefest (Cheri Anderson), phone #(313)574-5766. You can order ADVANCE Tickets using PayPal, paid to the email account: (there is an underscore _ between "rocky_mich"). Or mail money order, payable to: Cheri Anderson, 729 Champaign Rd., Lincoln Park, Michigan 48146 (USA). Tickets are being mailed out via "Priority Mail". Please order no later than Wednesday, November 6th, so that there's enough mail days for your tickets to reach you. In the Detroit metro area, Cheri can deliver the tickets to you. Or you may come to the show & pay "at the door".

Xtreme Benefest website: