James Murphy Engineering/Mixing Credits I:


KONKHRA "Weed Out The Weak" first issue " Diehard - 1997

Produced by Konkhra and James Murphy; Engineered by James Murphy, Casper Munkebo; Mixed by James Murphy


SKINLAB "Eyesore" Century Media - 1998

(The track) "When Pain Comes To Surface" taken from the 1996 "Suffer" demo. Recorded (and mixed) by James Murphy at Sound Temple Studio, Oakland, CA


DALI'S DILEMMA "Manifesto For Futurism" Magna Carta - 1999

Guitars, Bass, and Keyboards recorded by James Murphy at Sound Temple Studio

DEKAPITATOR "We Will Destroy... You Will Obey!!!" blackmetal.com/Cybertzara - 1999

Produced, Recorded, (Mixed) & Mastered by James Murphy at Sound Temple Studios, Oakland, CA


JUMP IN THE PIT "A Tribute To Testament" Dwell - 2000

(The track) "Nightmare" recorded, mixed and mastered by James Murphy (This is a demo quality track due to budget limitations)