69 Chambers ‘Special Report': A day with 69 Chambers at the Montreux Jazz Festival

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By Hervé Rakowski
Photos by Angel Goetschi
Translated in English by Ms. A (with semi-assistance from Google Translate)

When an up and coming Swiss band has the privilege of opening for Nightwish at Auditorium Stravinski, you think they’d be naturally stressed just hours before the show as this is a very important moment of their careers… 69 Chambers may finally take off, thanks to the release of their compelling second album, “Torque”.  The band’s new label, Massacre Records, has done remarkable promotional work, as there has been a slew of articles and interviews in the press. The recent debut of their stunning video for “Cause and Effect” will take care of the rest for the public, and 69 Chambers can face the future with optimism.

Of course, Nina Vetterli-Treml (vocals, bass), Tommy Vetterli (guitar), and their fantastic drummer Diego Rapacchietti are respected musicians. But it is clear that today is a big challenge for them to perform on such a mythical stage, and even more so as the opener for major symphonic metal act, Nightwish.

3:00pm Sharp: Arrived at the corridors of the Stravinski, we find the band and their techs who have just arrived on site. While soundcheck is scheduled for 5:30pm, Nina and Tommy are occupied for nearly 2 hours doing several interviews. They willingly participate. Even if Tommy Vetterli is not a fan of this type of exercise (a mild understatement), he is aware that his musical past as a member of Coroner is a formidable weapon for the band’s image which will only benefit 69 Chambers.

Two of the band members take a break before “The Boss”, a nickname given to Nina Vetterli-Treml by the divine drummer Diego… we are even more surprised to find Tommy in the VIP lounge, where he was able to escape for a smoke (or two, or more…), leaving only Nina the honor (or burden) of being filmed before the cameras of “20 Minutes“.

During this time, anxious to get things going on stage, Diego Rapacchietti relaxes by reading the excellent interview published recently in the French edition of RockHard Magazine. The “comparison” made between Nina with her devastating good looks and “singers resembling meringues sold by the kilo of pseudo-goth metal bands of second class”, pull a smile from him.

Diego Rapacchietti reading RockHard France Mag

Tommy, meanwhile, who has seen it all during his long career, cannot be more casual, just a few hours before this crucial concert for 69 Chambers. He does not hesitate to joke with us, and bends readily to the game of photos and videos. He took the opportunity, at our request, to greet the Californian who works hard on the group’s official social media pages.

TTommy waves ‘Hello’ to Ms. A

5:30pm: The atmosphere is very calm just minutes from the soundcheck that approaches. We leave the VIP lounge to get to the inside of the Stravinski. Upon our entrance, the hall is nearly empty. Entering this cult forum for the very first time where so many great artists have performed for 46 years made our hair stand on end, we have to admit…

Inside Stravinski

The three members of 69 Chambers and their techs, focused yet relaxed, though the smiles are gone, are now working to prepare everything meticulously. Tommy is not reluctant to crouch or lie down to connect cables, edit settings… a keyboard is also set up on the side of the stage, hinting that 69 Chambers will play the beautiful ballad “Elegy”. Once the tests are carried out on the mic by Nina (“one, two, three, blah blah blah…”), the band played two songs, then returned to their dressing room. It is 6:45pm.

69 Chambers Soundcheck

In order to assist in the best conditions for the group from Zürich, I have my photographer leave the hall and decide to stay. We are the only 3 to wait until the doors open… but unfortunately for us, the manager of Nightwish requires an empty house. We need to go outside and mingle with the horde of eager fans.

07:10pm: With a slight delay, the doors finally open, and I managed to position myself in front of Nina’s microphone. For an hour, I wonder how the Nightwish fans will react to 69 Chambers. On one hand, I am convinced that the melodic music from Zürich, the voice of Nina, should win them over. On the other, I remain skeptical about the openness of the young crowd which consists mostly of the Finnish band’s fans…

08:00pm: 69 Chambers takes possession of the floor at the prestigious Stravinski. Nina’s smoldering look (stilettos and sexy outfit – a gothic version of the “5th Element”) already has the crowd murmuring – it always happens this way – while the first few notes of the intro is lost.

The lovely Nina doing her thing

To my surprise, 69 Chambers starts the gig as they had done at their “CD Release Party” on May 1st in Zürich. Playing the outro of “And Then There Was Silence”, and then merging into “The Peep Hole”, one of the potential hits from their new album. I notice that the audience’s reaction, although polite, is not so enthusiastic. However, the trio provides a remarkable performance of accuracy and precision. The musical excellence of Nina, Tommy and Diego is obviously highlighted by the perfection of the acoustics of the legendary Stravinski.

Tommy shreds

New tracks off “Torque” keep coming: the quick-paced “Anhedonia” is followed by the doom-like “Naughty Naughty Naughty”. The only two tracks from the first album played tonight, “The Day Of The Locust” and “Bloodaxe” finally trigger a nice reaction from the crowd throughout the auditorium.

Paradoxically, it is from the masterful drum solo by Diego that the show seems to finally take off! The audience reacts at last! As if they seemed to warm up before the delivery of their heroes’ night (or rather yet?).

Go, Diego, go!

69 Chambers offers us two of the most beautiful songs in their new repertoire at the conclusion of the show. First, the hit “Cause And Effect”, in which Nina reveals to us powerful death growls in place of Eluveitie frontman Chrigel Glanzmann, who guests on the album version. And, from one extreme to another, the group finishes its compelling performance of the evening with the poignant power ballad “Elegy,” which ends with a majestic guitar solo by Tommy Vetterli…

09:00pm: I leave the hall, causing a mini riot between fans behind me trying to get my great spot in front of the stage, and head for the VIP lounge to congratulate the group. Diego wonders if his drum solo was successful. Having reassured the drummer, I warmly congratulate Nina and tell her that once again, “Elegy” stole a few tears.

A few minutes before their performance on stage, certain members of Nightwish are among us in the artists’ lounge bar. Jukka Nevalainen, Nightwish’s drummer, is in full admiration of the sun setting on Lake Geneva.

Nightwish's drummer Jukka Nevalainen

It’s time for the Finnish to start their show to please their anxious fans… for the rest of the evening we will remain with 69 Chambers and their close friends, in the corridors of the Stravinski, relatively quiet and deserted, to our surprise. Wine, champagne, and beer flow freely, the screen showing the live performance of Nightwish is observed with a wandering eye, if curious.

10:45pm: “An hour + fifteen then go”, Nightwish have already returned from showers and the dressing room while their fans are clamoring for an encore that never comes. In the VIP lounge, friendly and joyful characterizes the small band of 69 Chambers which contrasts from the rigor of the Scandinavians. The Finnish leave Montreux quickly to be in the Czech Republic the next day. Zürich departs and end their crazy day in a bar at the Montreux Jazz Festival.

The reporter and Tommy Vetterli celebrate with some bubbly

01:00am: We leave our Swiss-German friends and Stravinski. 69 Chambers have given the best concert of their lives just a few hours earlier, while the Nightwish performance was a normal gig in the middle of their tour… but the Finnish sell millions of records and are stars. The Swiss-Germans on their part must return to their day job commitments. The music business is truly unfair…

69 Chambers 2012


69 Chambers 'Torque'

“Torque” track listing:

01. Cause and Effect (feat. Chrigel Glanzmann of Eluveitie) (4:31)
02. Bring on the Flood (3:30)
03. Naughty Naughty Naughty (6:22)
04. Anhedonia (4:27)
05. Burn some Gasoline (4:01)
06. The Peep Hole (4:20)
07. Ring a Bell (4:19)
08. Closure (4:54)
09. Anf then there was Silence (5:38)
10. Temple down (3:37)
11. Your Fool (4:25)
12. The Doom of her Power (4:00)
13. Grace (5:31)
14. Elegy (5:31)

69 Chambers “Torque” out now on Massacre Records.

Swiss Metallers 69 Chambers “Cause And Effect” Official Video (featuring Eluveitie’s Chrigel Glanzmann)

“Cause And Effect” is from the album “Torque” on Massacre Records

69 Chambers is:

Nina Vetterli-Treml – Vocals, Bass
Tommy Vetterli – Guitars
Diego Rapacchietti – Drums

69 Chambers 'Torque'

“Torque” track listing:

01. Cause and Effect (feat. Chrigel Glanzmann of Eluveitie) (4:31)
02. Bring on the Flood (3:30)
03. Naughty Naughty Naughty (6:22)
04. Anhedonia (4:27)
05. Burn some Gasoline (4:01)
06. The Peep Hole (4:20)
07. Ring a Bell (4:19)
08. Closure (4:54)
09. Anf then there was Silence (5:38)
10. Temple down (3:37)
11. Your Fool (4:25)
12. The Doom of her Power (4:00)
13. Grace (5:31)
14. Elegy (5:31)

69 Chambers “Torque” out April 27th in Europe on Massacre Records.

69 Chambers 2012


A new song, “Cause and Effect” by Switzerland’s 69 Chambers, which features guest vocalist Eluveitie’s Chrigel Glanzmann, is available for streaming on SoundCloud.  The track is from the band’s upcoming album entitled “Torque”, recorded at New Sound Studio and produced by Coroner’s Tommy Vetterli, to be released on April 27, 2012 via Massacre Records.

69 Chambers “Cause and Effect” on SoundCloud:

69 Chambers “The Making Of Torque” Pt. 1; Recording “The Doom Of Her Power”:

69 Chambers is:

Nina Vetterli-Treml – vocals, bass
Tommy Vetterli – guitars
Diego Rapacchietti – drums

Relevant sites:


[Source: Eluveitie Official Facebook Fan Page]

BOOOOM! Swiss new wave of folk metal superstars ELUVEITIE smashed the charts worldwide with their highly anticipated new effort “Helvetios”!

Also, make sure to catch ELUVEITIE headlining 2012’s installment of the PAGANFEST Tour across Europe!

CH #4
D #27
AT #34
US #143
CA #74

Paganfest 2012 kicks off  in Stuttgart, Germany at LKA Longhorn:

Paganfest 2012

Eluveitie “Havoc” Official Video

Eluveitie "Helvetios"

Video Premiere of Swiss folk metallers Eluveitie’s “A Rose For Epona” from the album “Helvetios”, produced by Tommy Vetterli (Coroner/ex-Kreator).

“Helvetios” on Nuclear Blast Records is out in Europe on February 10th; U.S. and the rest of the world on February 28th.

See Eluveitie on tour: http://on.fb.me/elutour

North American Pre-Order specials available here: http://bit.ly/elunbusa

Coroner Show Dates 2012

I updated the Coroner Official Site.  Here is the Coroner Year-End Update, 2012:

Dear friends,

2011 is over and we want to thank you, our friends and fans, for your overwhelming response to our reunion concerts.  We cannot find the words to express the appreciation we have for all of you.

The response to our first 2011 show at Les Docks in Lausanne gave us the kick-start we needed and has carried us through to our most recent shows in Greece. We’ve been blown away by the fans everywhere!

Thanks to every single one of you who came to our concerts!  We hope you had as good of a time as we did! Thanks to all of the mags who wrote about us and also to the radio stations, and those who worked on our online shows!  A special thanks to all the other bands that shared the stage with us!

We would also like to thank all the promoters and their staffs for doing the maximum to provide an excellent concert. You made it possible!!!

Our special thanks go out to Guenther and Rock the Nation, Laurence Vinclair at Les Docks in Lausanne, Ryan Taylor and Evan at Maryland Deathfest in Baltimore, Ben Barbaud at Hellfest Clisson, Vicky Gregory at Bloodstock Open-air UK, Sascha Plecic and Gage from La Cueva in Thun, Jessie Pythoud for ScarKrows Bar Le Locle, Alfonso Siegrist, Patrik Grau, Tony Bolli and everybody at Plaza Club, Zurich, Andrea Bernini, Rock Hard Festival in Milano, Tomek at Club Studio Krakow, George Daron, Winter Masters of Rock Zlin, Anto and everybody from Rock Cult Bari, Harry Katinakis and friends in Athens and Mihalis Kalogerakis, Konstantine and Lena and everybody at Eight Ball Club in Thessaloniki.

At each venue we found many helping hands and outstanding people who are not listed by name here. Thank you all so much…

Without the best crew in the world we would have been completely lost. You guys did an awesome job and we hope you will be with us on the road till the very last show!!!

Martin Zeller (FOH), Dänu Michel (Lights), Sebastian “Raps” Reiber (FOH / Monitors), Nina Vetterli-Treml, Ben Chételat, Rui Pinto and Dimitris (Guitars), and Nico Müller (Drums). Welcome to the team, Ken Karnig and Melanie Schiegg.


Lu Cubello, our main dude who was with us almost the whole way from 1988 till 2011.  Lu is leaving us after our last concert this year to fully concentrate on his job and family.  We’re gonna miss you maximum bro. And never forget!

Daniel Stössel, our “fourth“ member! Thank you so much not just for the great sounds coming from your magic organ but also for documenting all the shows with your 46 cams. We can’t wait to see the result!

Last but not least our manager Oliver Macchi and ILT Music! You connected us to the world! It’s fucking great to have the chance to work with you again! And we would also like to thank Edy Vetterli for the bookkeeping.

You would not be able to read this, if there was not a CORONER REUNION PAGE…

So thank you Marc Rinderknecht (Website), Laurie Sato (Webhosting/Promotion), Nina Vetterli-Treml (Web Content) and Marcel “Games” Bruderer (Band Pics).

There will be a few more chances to see you at one of our upcoming shows. We have plans to add a couple more songs to our set list, but we’re not quite sure yet which ones. We’ll continue to film all the shows and hopefully put together a nice documentary, which will also include rare footage from the early days. Plus, we’re going to add tons of private photos to the homepage taken from the past to the present.

Keep on writing your comments, posting your recordings on YouTube, covering our songs!

So again, thank you all so much for remembering Coroner. Best wishes for the most happy and exciting year 2012.


Marky, Ron and Tommy

Edited by John “Vlad” Holback
(Thank you much again for coming to MDF and for your great help with this!!!)

69 Chambers

69 Chambers is:
Nina Treml (guitar, vocals)
Maddy Madarasz (bass, backing vocals)
Diego Rapacchietti (drums)
Tommy Vetterli (guitar)

Running Order for Metal Assault Fest 2011
Saturday 9/24/11:

Doors: 12:30
13:00-13:35 Hellevation
13:50-14:25 Eternal Winds
14:40-15:15 Voice Of Ruin
15:30-16:05 Camion
16:20-16:55 Roots Of Dead
17:10-17:45 Attack Vertical
18:00-18:35 Mesmerised
18:45-19:30 69 Chambers
19:45-20:35 Borgne
20:50-21:50 Endstille
22:05-23:05 Caliban
23:20-00:30 God Dethroned

09.24.2011 @ 6:00pm Metal Assault Fest – Lausanne, CH

[Updated Sept. 10, 2011]

Official Site:  http://www.69chambers.com
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/69chambers
MySpace:  http://www.myspace.com/69chambers

Coroner Tour Dates 2011 – 2012

(Ticket links included below)

U P C O M I N G :

08/12/11 Bloodstock Open Air – Walton-upon-Trent, UK

09/17/11 Rock Hard Fest Italy – Live Club, Trezzo Sull’Adda, IT

01/23/12 – 01/27/12 70000 Tons Of Metal – Miami, FL
*Book Your Cabin Now

P A S T :

07/31/11 Curlinghalle – Thun, CH

06/18/11 Hellfest Open Air – Clisson, FR

05/29/11 Maryland Deathfest – Baltimore, MD

04/23/11 Les Docks – Lausanne, CH

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