Jeff Loomis was very honored and happy to be a part of the July 2012 ‘Guitar Player’ issue, featuring his longtime hero and cover boy, Jason Becker.

We love you, Jason!!!

Guitar Player featuring Jason Becker 1

He has a full page ad in the issue, too!  Awesome.

Guitar Player featuring Jason Becker 2

Decibel Mag ‘Hall of Fame’ 7-Page Feature of Coroner’s “No More Color” in July 2011 Issue

The July 2011 issue of Decibel Magazine has honored Coroner’s landmark “No More Color” album as the latest inductee into its exclusive “Hall of Fame” series. The feature is a seven-page, 5500-word, in-depth look at the album provides an intimate, insider’s view of one of the most important albums in the metal canon. The story includes, rare never-before seen Coroner images and new interviews with ALL THREE Coroner members who participated in the making of “No More Color”.

Order the issue here.

July 2011 [#081]

Nevermore on the cover of Chile’s Bulldozer Magazine with Jeff Loomis interview:

Bulldozer Magazine

Bulldozer Magazine Nevermore Cover

Jeff Loomis is featured in the new Guitar Edge Magazine (July/August)!  Check it out at the link below:

Guitar Edge Magazine (July/August)

Click the banner below to view a tab of “Over the Wall” – The Tab starts right after the “Riff Notes” section:

Guitar Edge Article

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