Alex live @ Mayhem Fest

WED, January 23:
Solo Appearance/Performance Media Day for Peavey – Time TBA

THU, January 24:
Evening: Musical Director for all star event, D’addario/Planet Waves

Fusion jam with Alphonse Mouzon and Rhonda Smith, followed by ‘metal all stars’ sitting in with the house band:

Alex Skolnick – guitar (Testament)
Chris Wyse – bass (The Cult)
Glen Sobel – drums (Alice Cooper)
Joey Belladonna – vocals (Anthrax)

FRI, January 25:
Alex Skolnick Trio performance @ Peavey Booth – Time TBA

SAT, January 26:
12pm – Yamaha Acoustic Guitars signing
03pm – Press Conference @ Peavey Booth to Introduce Budda Alex Skolnick Preceptor Amplifier
09pm – Alex Skolnick Trio performance @ Marriott lobby

12am – Alex will join Monty Pittman (Madonna guitarist) @ Marriott

Appearances for Jam Pedals, AmpKit and others TBA

Hanging with one of my very best friends, Jeff Loomis and his band (Joe Nurre, Greg Macklin and Anup Sastry) backstage on April 2nd, 2012 at Slim’s – San Francisco, CA

What a treat it was, had a wonderful time! The guys kicked ass.

Jeff is on tour in support of his 2nd solo release, “Plains Of Oblivion” via Century Media Records, out April 10th in North America, and April 9th in Europe.

Jeff Loomis Band is:

* Jeff Loomis – Guitars
* Joe Nurre (SHADED ENMITY) – Vocals, Guitar
* Greg Macklin (SYSTEM DIVIDE, ORDINANCE) – Bass
* Anup Sastry (INTERVALS, SKYHARBOR) – Drums

Photo Gallery:

Slim’s – San Francisco, CA
Slim's - San Francisco

Jeff’s beloved Schecter Sig Guitars!
Jeff Loomis' Schecter Guitars

I was sitting next to Jeff while he warmed up before the gig.
Jeff Loomis warming up before the gig (a)

Joe Nurre warming up.
Joe warming up before the gig

Greg Macklin warming up – he is actually a guitarist!
Greg Macklin warming up before the gig

Jeff Loomis warming up before the gig (b)

Jeff and Greg warming up before the gig

Anup Sastry and Joe warming up.
Anup Sastry and Joe warming up before the gig

Jeff wanted Anup to show me “what huge hands he has!”
Anup's giant hands

This is how the shred magic happens!
Jeff's magic shred hands

Slim’s backstage dressing room door.
Slim's backstage dressing room

Such a sweetheart! We’ve been friends for over 10 years now. I simply adore him.
Jeff smiling for me

Made out like a bandit – my merch haul after the show. Thank you, Jeffy :-)!!!
Jeff Loomis Merch

Tommy Vetterli’s Gear List (2011)

Tommy is one of my very favorite guitarists!  I’ve been a huge fan since 1988.

Lâg Arkane 3000 Custom w/ EMG 81/85
Lâg Arkane 15 Type Custom w/ EMG 81/85

Bogner Ectasy 101 B

Bogner Classic 4 x 12
Marshall JCM 800 4 x 12

Furman Power Conditioner
Sennheiser Wireless System
TC Electronic G-Force
Voodoo Lab GCX Audio Switcher

Ernie Ball Volume Pedal
Boss Tuner
RMC Wizard Wah
Voodoo Lab Ground Control Pro
Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2 Plus


Rüeblirock Delrin (Tortex) 1mm and 0.88mm

Official Site:


New Marty Friedman Guitar Auction For Jason Becker

From Marty Friedman’s Official Facebook today, 5/03/11:

“Also, later this week I will be auctioning my last Jackson guitar left. But this is for a different charity, this is for my bro Jason Becker’s medical bills. In all these years, Jason has never once asked me for charity, I’m just doing it this time because it feels good and because this guitar was special to the both of us.

This is my first Jackson, which I recorded all of Dragon’s Kiss, most of the Cacophony albums and my parts on Perpetual Burn, as well as a lot of the first 2 Megadeth albums with. I will put the link up here soon – so bid high, my friends!!!”

[Note by Ms. A: The guitar is the Jackson neck-through, black and white, tiger-striped, Kelly pictured with the model below. It was painted black after Marty joined Megadeth.]

Hey guys,

I’ve got some AWESOME news! I’m more than honored, and proud as hell to announce that I’m gonna play with my new Silverblade Strength Of Will signatures series stack from now on!

Last year I got a mail from a company called Silverblade. They’ve been known for making PA’s and stuff for years (Ágota tech) but they just recently started developing guitar amplifiers and they asked me if I would like to be the part of it and get a signature stack. As a guitarist it’s like one of the best things you can ever imagine. We’ve been working the cabs and the amps for like months, but here we are now with the perfect metal amp. The amp builds up with a 2×100 watt power amp, loaded with 4 EL34 and 4 6L6, and the preamp has selected ECC 83 tubes, 2 all independent channels (clean and dirt) both with 3 way EQ’s, has 5 different sounding outputs on the dirty channel, plus a lead boost for both channels. It sounds killer, and it looks killer! You can get every infos at: Attila Voros at Silverblade

After the European leg of this Nevermore tour I’m gonna do some videos with the stack, and I’m also gonna be there doing some demonstrations at Musikmesse in Frankfurt!

Check them out at all the Nevermore shows from now on (and don’t forget your earplugs home or else you might get deaf)!

Thanks all my friends at Silverblade, I’m really honored to the part of your family!


Attila Voros and Silverblade

Attila Voros and Silverblade


Posted: January 10th, 2011

Chris Broderick

[Broderick, and a tantalizing glimpse of just the headstock of his new signature Soloist model.]

Megadeth fans will be excited to learn that the Jackson Custom Shop is introducing its new Chris Broderick signature guitar model in January 2011. Broderick himself worked closely with Custom Shop master craftsmen to create a distinctive guitar based on a classic Jackson design.

That guitar, the Jackson Chris Broderick Soloist™, brings his long and exacting search for instrumental excellence to a most satisfying conclusion.

“After an exhaustive search for the highest-quality instrument, I’ve found it at Jackson,” Broderick said. “I’ve been looking for a guitar this incredible for quite a while, and the guys at the Custom Shop really understood what I was after and where I was coming from. I have spent countless hours ensuring that this guitar is playable and stylish.”

Broderick’s Soloist model boasts an unusual new touch in the form of a slightly offset carved-top body design for which the guitarist collaborated with longtime Jackson Custom Shop Master Builder Mike Shannon. Other features include dual DiMarzio® humbucking pickups and a 24-fret 12”-radius fingerboard. Further, the guitar will be available in six- and seven-string models.

The Colorado-bred Broderick is not only a formidable shred guitarist, but also an extraordinary musician in a much wider sense. He started playing at age 10, studying guitar, voice, violin and piano, and eagerly devoured a wealth of diverse musical influences extending well beyond rock into classical, jazz, blues and country forms. He earned a degree in classical guitar performance from the University of Denver’s Lamont School of Music, and he himself has taught guitar for more than a dozen years.

Broderick joined Megadeth in early 2008. His molten guitar work has contributed to the band’s current revitalization, including 2009 album Endgame, the American Carnage and Rust in Peace 20th Anniversary tours, and the summer 2010 Sonisphere Festival shows in Europe that featured several metallically historic Big Four shows.

Jackson’s unveiling of Broderick’s new signature model comes closely on the heels of the guitar maker’s announcement of its partnership with Megadeth bassist David Ellefson, who received his own new signature bass model in early 2011 and who will be collaborating with Jackson on the development of other new bass models.

For Immediate Release
September 7th 2010

Ultimate Guitar, Dean Guitars and TheLiveLine Team Up For Testament Karaoke Contest

Enter to win an Autographed Eric Peterson Old Skull Guitar!

Dean Guitars, Ultimate-Guitar, and TheLiveLine are teaming up to bring you what may be the most entertaining contest of the year: The Ultimate TESTAMENT Karaoke Contest!  Contestants will call TESTAMENT guitarist Eric Peterson’s phone number at TheLiveLine to record a verse from any TESTAMENT song, and the best voice impression (winner) will win an autographed Eric Peterson Old Skull V electric guitar from Dean Guitars.

How to enter
1. Call Eric Peterson @ TheLiveLine for FREE to enter for your chance to win:  (877) 323-4455

2. Leave Eric a voice message with your best voice impression from any verse in any TESTAMENT song, and our celebrity panel of judges below will review and find the winner.

3. Create a profile on TheLiveLine and become a fan of Eric Peterson on TheLiveLine’s online community. Sign up, and you’ll be able to get SMS text alerts whenever Eric updates his AudioBlog. Your registration is necessary! If you win, your information will be used to contact you!

Become a fan of Eric Peterson here:

And it just keeps getting better.  Just like American Idol (but in METAL terms), a panel of judges has been assembled to work together to find the winner of The Ultimate TESTAMENT Karaoke Contest!!  The judges are:

-Chuck Billy (TESTAMENT – vocals)
-Brian Tatler (DIAMOND HEAD – guitarist)
-Curse Mackey (Marketing + Special Projects Director of Dean Guitars)

If you know the concept of American Idol, you’ve got some great singers, and some not-so-great ones, too.  To enjoy the full experience and listen to all submissions, sign into your profile at TheLiveLine, or take a quick second to create one if you don’t yet have one:, and make sure you become a fan of Eric Peterson.

Dean Guitars, Ultimate-Guitar, and TheLiveLine look forward to all of your entries.  Additional shenanigans are recommended.

TESTAMENT just finished up their run on the AMERICAN CARNAGE TOUR! Stay tuned for updates on the recording of TESTAMENT’s follow up to their Golden Gods “Album of the Year”, The Formation of Damnation!

Testament's Eric Peterson and Signature Dean Old Skull V 2010

Testament’s Eric Peterson to make a guest appearance on August 28th, 2010 at Gearhounds – Lake Elsinore, CA

Epiphone Artist Jeff Waters of Annihilator will be on hand at Musikmesse 2010 in Frankfurt, Germany to demonstrate his new Signature Epiphone Annihilation-V. Be sure to stop by the Gibson/Epiphone booth to meet Jeff and check out this awesome guitar.

Hughes & Kettner booth:

Every day at 12 (noon) and 3pm
Except on Saturday: at 12 (noon) and 2:30pm

Epiphone/Gibson booth/stage:

Wednesday, March 24, 2010:
1:30pm & 4:30pm

Thursday, March 25, 2010:
1:30pm & 4:30pm

Friday, March 26, 2010:
1:30pm & 4:30pm

Saturday, March 27, 2010:

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