The cult trio from Zurich hits the road again in 2013 for 5 more shows. The Daily Rock has the privilige to have one of its members following the event as an insider. First step,the small but extreme Meh Suff Festival.

When in Spring 2011,after (too long) a fifteen year silence Coroner get on stage at Les Docks,in Lausanne,the fans excitement is running as high as the musicians stress. During this long time of inactivity,Ron Royce  (bass/vocals) and Marquis Marky (drums),had totally left their instruments aside , whileTommy T . Baron (guitars) had worked mainly as a music producer, even though he also worked and toured for a while with Stephan Eicher and Kreator.

But the huge Coroner show at the Docks,in a venue that had reached boiling point and filled within credulous fans, and the following tour throuhout Europe and the US until the end of 2012 finally left everyone reassured : medias, fans, and most of all….the band!!!

But with the band remaining on standby for the best part of a year, doubt was slowly creeping up among the fans. Were we ever going to see the thrash metal trio (now turned into a four-piece band, as the brilliant Daniel Stoessel joined them to add various samples and effects) on stage?

Many being rather pessimistic, it’s with some sort of excitement teinted with relief that five more dates were booked early 2013: two in Switzerland, one in France, one in Norway, and finally one in the Netherlands, all within the second half of the year.

One of our reporters is to follow Coroner very closely on most dates, and report exclusively for the Daily Rock his impressions on each and every move of the boys from Zurich.

Step 2 : Garmonbozia, Rennes (France) ,October 26 2013

Coroner’s come back to France, after the Hellfest and Motocultor shows, seems obvious..The band, in the years before they split, has always had a very warm welcome , and therefore enjoys a special status here. But the boys from Zurich’s come back in Western France is due to Lorène Wienecke, one of Garmonbozia’s co-founders, who fell in love at first sight with the band. Too young to know the band before 1996, she fell for their music in the last few years. And when she finally got to see the band in the flesh during their now cult reunion gig in Les Docks, Lausanne, her decision was made. Coroner had to be headlining the Garmonbozia’s 15th anniversary, a Metal festival taking place in Rennes.

Therefore, after some smooth negotiations run brilliantly by Fred Chouesne, the festival’s director as well as a great Coroner fan, Coroner ends up at the top of the bill on that Saturday, October 26th 2013, whereas Napalm Death and Xentrix, among others played in the Rennes Liberté/L’Etage venue the night before.

As we arrive in the heart of Rennes, the « roots » atmosphere found at the Meh Suff festival seems far, far away.The place where Coroner will play tonight is a big and superb venue.

The musicians, flying in from Zurich are not there yet as we arrive. However, we are welcomed by Fred and Lorène, the organizers , as full staff members !! And it’s through the stage door that we get to discover this great venue. After being given our All Access pass, we enter the dressing room that has been reserved for Coroner and their staff. It’s not totally empty as Martin Zieller, today’s sound technician (sharing the task with Sebastian Raps Reiber) is already there, having just flown in separately from Geneva.

After some brotherly reunion, Martin can’t wait to read the first Tour Report, while waiting patiently for Daniel, Marky, Ron and Tommy, who shouldn’t be long by now.
They actually turn up almost immediately. Having just arrived from Rennes airport, after a connection in Paris and a long 4 hour wait ,the guys get settled .Not phased at all by their journey, they all display a big smile. Especially Tommy Vetterli ,that we had last seen morose and obviously tired after the Meh Suff. What a pleasure to find him again in a good mood, while getting a long and warm hug from him ! Ron,Daniel,and Marky are not left to the side , they discover with obvious pleasure the big dressing room that is theirs, Marky instantly highliting the fact that they seldom have enjoyed the priviledge of being so well looked after !

The musicians, joined by Danny, their light tech, first go for a walk around the place, in the backstage area, as gigs have already started a good half hour ago.They meet Lorène, who has a rather disconcerting reaction as she kneels before Tommy, who smiles, looking a bit embarassed. When one knows every band member’s humility ,even though they enjoy a cult like status, one won’t be surprised by Tommy’s obvious embarassement in front of such a display, however sincere and even moving…

It’s now time to go and get all the equipment out of the van, as well as the stock of Coroner Tshirts.Upon management request, and because now have a friendship bond after following their steps for so long, we offer to lend a hand to put up the merchandising stand. We barely have time to get the Tshirts out that a swarm of fans calls us for their first purchases !

During that time, the musicians went to get their hotel room. As they come back, Marky and Ron bring some autographed cards to the stand, where they take the opportunity to spend some time with old fans and some friends met on the road.

Tonight, Coroner being the headliners, are to play quite late, around 1am. In such cases, killing time is always a bit trickyRather than staying in their hotel room, they spend those few hours in their dressing room. It’s some kind of way to get into the mood, a psychological preparation before they have to hit the stage and face hords of numerous fans, who came especially for them tonight. We’re always struck by this king of long and progressive immersion preceeding the moment of truth that is the beginning of the show.

During those somewhat tricky moments to deal with as external members to the band, we try and observe each musician’s attitude and behaviour in order to be able to report from the inside, while obviously doing our best to keep quiet and out of the way…

It’s now dinner time : Tommy, Ron,Daniel and Marky still seem far away from tonight’s gig. The atmosphere is jovial and relaxed, in spite of the language barrier, as between themselves the musicians exchange jokes in Swiss German. But towards the end the atmosphere shifts, as the band start their long psychological preparation preceeding the show.

Ron and Tommy both grab their instruments in order to start warming up. Tommy seems to be playing tunes mixing Jazz, Blues and rock. Ron frowns, remaining focused on the neck of his bass guitar and hums the lyrics of the songs in a voice that is barely audible despite the proximity. He then puts his bass aside and goes and spends a long moment re-reading the said lyrics….surprising detail,or maybe not, considering the fact that those songs were written two decades ago.

In a corner of the table sits tonight’s setlist. The band being in a festival configuration, it’s obviously reduced : what a nightmare it must be to chose ten tracks from such a qualitative collection, each fan having on top of that the fantasy of hearing the band play a specific song….

Marky, along with Daniel Stoessel (keyboards and special effects) invariably remains the most relaxed and chilled out of the band members, as show time nears. He quietly shapes his drum sticks with a knife(Swiss one, probably?!), and always is available for an off the wall picture…

Our mastery of the French language is soon to serve our Swiss friends a short while before they hit the stage : the band has to sign an administrative document regarding copyright (the famous SACEM) and facing the questions raised by the said documents we are forced to help them tick the bloody cases….to be honest,it’s hard to imagine a moment less rock n’ roll than this one !!

As the stock of Tshirts goes down dramatically on the merch stand, we decide it’s time to go and get settled in the concert hall. The venue, of a capacity of around 800 people is packed tonight, and many fans wearing Coroner shirts have already taken up the first few rows.

For a good twenty minutes the musicians make the most of the « line check » obviously allocated to them, to set and adjust their instruments. When one knows their care for perfection, it seems obvious that this is a rather stressful moment for them.During that time, many devoted fans have their eyes trained on the band, dissecting their every move and sound coming out of their instruments.Tommy’s first riffs are warmly greeted !

Setting up Marky’s drum kit is often the first step in this long and fastidious process. But since the first shows of the 2011 « Reunion Tour », we can feel the machine is now well on tracks.

Witnessing Tommy Vetterli’s line check is then again quite a rather unusual display : Coroner’s talanted guitar player is a perfectionist, not to say a perfectionist of perfection. Watching him making last minute adjustments before a gig is quite a sight in itself. The man, litterally buried in his own care for detail doesn’t hesitate to squirm, twist and turn, to modify a dodgy adjustment.Surprising, not to say fascinating !

 After the last mic adjustments operated by Ron and Daniel, the musicians leave the stage, and it’s Lorène herself who comes and greets the audience, and then introduces an eagerly awaited Coroner.
Obviously with Coroner ,the whole essence of the show lies mostly on the rendition of the tracks. Here, there are no fancy effects or setting, for logistical reasons the band couldn’t even bring their backdrop banner. However,a tribute is due to the band’s light tech, Danny Michel (who, it has to be mentioned, also works with other well renowned Swiss bands such as Shakra and Gotthard).Thanks to his hard work,the atmosphere surrounding each Coroner’s track is wonderfully highlighted in all its darkness.

And it’s obvious right from the start,with the nerve racking intro.Only die hard fans recognize what track the spoken intro is taken from. Of course, it’s the ending of « Shifter », released on the band’s very last album in 1995,and featuring a horrifying conversation on the phone where a desperate mother learns from her own son that he (again) commited murder….From then on,we are deep inside the atmosphere of a Coroner gig….

As the musicians get on stage during the intro of “Golden Cashmere Sleeper”,a heavy and oppressing track, immediately sets the standards. The audience’s welcome promises their best. Tommy comes and brandishes his guitar to incite them to let loose. And the band virtually sets the stage on fire as they link the following and powerful track, “Internal Conflicts”. The mosh pit is already red hot ant the difference with the atmosphere in front of a Swiss audience already striking.

Tommy’s smooth and radiant solo during “Internal Conflicts” comes out of the lot and reflects the richness and complexity in Coroner’s music. Simply magic…

The band then plays the groovy “Serpent Moves”, another track from their “Grin” album. Talented Daniel Stoessel’s special effects are perfectly audible, and amplify (if there ever was a ned to) Coroner’s so particular style.

Daniel is however discreet on the side of the stage, almost hidden behind the little console where his computer from which the effects come from lies.

It’s now time to play “Masked Jackal” to be performed. A key track, unavoidable on any given gig.

And then the turning point of the show, “Metamorphosis”. What a track, what a musical wonder, without a doubt one of the most apocalyptic and slicing riffs in Metal’s history. First a thrilling and oppressing intro ,then that heaviness and Ron’s morbid singing….and finally, this bridge, now become legendray during Coroner’s shows. Tommy grabs his now famous E-Bow, some kind of electronic plectrum and blows us away with an as technical as sensitive demonstration, with a long Arabic sounding and mesmerizing solo. Magnificent.

Recently featured on this tour, “Son Of Lilith” is once again performed tonight, to everyone’s surprise, followed by two more tracks from “Mental Vortex”: “Semtex Revolution” and the unavoidable “Divine Step», as the band enjoy a moment of darkness to leave the stage.

“Divine Step” holds all the elements that define Coroner’s atypical metal: a seedy intro, possibly drawn from some horror movie, a slicing and relentless riff, followed by a frantic rhythmic sparing no neck!! A quick look behind us is enough to witness the extent of the damage among the audience….

Last track before the encore, “Grin”. Syncopated rhythms perfectly enhanced by the lightshow (to the photographs great despair!!), groovy chorus, and a stunning ending which makes us feel right in the middle of an apocalyptic third world war.

After a short while the musicians come back on stage, and it’s Marky himself who comes and winds the audience up as they want more.

As per usual, the classic “Reborn Through Hate”, from the very first album (1987) that will bring an end to the show. The track seems to last forever, as Tommy is obviously taking great pleasure in starting the riff over and over again, and as Ron thanks the organizers and the fans, while still playing.

But as every good thing comes to an end, Coroner get off the stage at the end of a one hour show, leaving a totally stunned audience.

Only a few minutes after the show we’re thanking and congratulating Tommy, who’s sitting alone backstage with a big smile on his face, relieved.

A bit later, as a meet and greet attempt turns short because of a slightly over-zealous security staff obviously eager to end their shift, we join the band backstage.
The organizers join us to congratulate the band for their show. Everyone takes it in turns to have a souvenir photo taken, the musicians never raising an eyebrow to any request.

Each band member is also asked to sign the festival’s guestbook and Tommy even receives a portrait of himself from our reporter.

The cheerful and relaxed atmosphere backstage is a million miles away from the oppressing set we witnessed onstage a few moments earlier….

Hervé RakowskiDaily Rock (text and photos)


Gaël Giraud (photos)


Translation by Thomas Chabanne

Huge and warm thanks to :

Coroner ans their staff
Oliver Macchi
All the Garmonzobia team , especially Lorène et Fred
Michel for his precious help
Gaël Giraud

CORONER 2013 EUROPEAN TOUR REPORT: Part 1 @ Meh Suff Festival, Hüttikon, Switzerland, 08/10/2013

May 29, 2014 at 1:04pm

The cult trio from Zurich hits the road again in 2013 for 5 more shows. The Daily Rock has the privilige to have one of its members following the event as an insider. First step,the small but extreme Meh Suff Festival.

When in Spring 2011,after (too long) a fifteen year silence Coroner get on stage at Les Docks,in Lausanne,the fans excitement is running as high as the musicians stress. During this long time of inactivity,Ron Royce  (bass/vocals)and Marquis Marky(drums),had totally left their instruments aside,whileTommy T . Baron(guitars) had worked mainly as a music producer,even though he also worked and toured for a while with Stephan Eicher and Kreator.

But the huge Coroner show at the Docks,in a venue that had reached boiling point and filled within credulous fans,and the following tour throuhout Europe and the US until the end of 2012 finally left everyone reassured :medias,fans,and most of all….the band !!

But with the band remaining on standby for the best part of a year,doubt was slowly creeping up among the fans.Were we ever going to see the thrash metal trio (now turned into a four-piece band,asthe brilliant Daniel Stoessel joined them to add various samples and effects) on stage?

Many being rather pessimistic,it’s with some sort of excitement teinted with relief that five more dates were booked early 2013:two in Switzerland,one in France,one in Norway,and finally one in the Netherlands,all within the second half of the year.

One of our reporters is to follow Coroner very closely on most dates,and report exclusively for the Daily Rock his impressions on each and every move of the boys from Zurich.

Step 1 : Meh Suff Festival, Hüttikon (Switzerland), August10 th 2013

It’s at home that Coroner will start this 2013 festival tour.Indeed,the Meh Suff Festival takes place right in the middle of a field just a few kilometres outside Zurich,their hometown.

15.00hrs :

The band and road crew meet up int their rehearsal room (a nuclear shelter right in the heart of Zurich!!) and start piling up their kit in their van.Ron,the singer,tells us that he’s now beyond the point of occasionally sickening anxiety always reached before a show.Surprising confession for a musician with such talent and experience….

Twenty minutes later,our small group clears a lovely forest and stops on the site where the Meh Suff is to take place,an isolated field.


Our arrival is rather surreal :after clearing a forest,we end up on a freshly mowed field,on an improvised car park and backstage area behind a middle sized stage,already occupied by an unidentified extreme metal band( Requiem? Battalion ??).

It’s obvious that the site suffered from the weather the day before.Nevertheless,on this particular saturday the weather is gorgeous,luckily,as in the backstage area very few places have a proper roof:three tents are up.One is used asa dressing room for the bands,in the best case four metre square available,just enough to put down their instrument cases.A second tent is used as a meal room,and the third one is the kitchen.Outside a few tables and benches can be found,that’s it for what could be classed as a rather austere backstage area.

Oliver,Coroner’s manager,is already there when we arrive. He gives every staff member a pass and makes sure every detail is covered,very focused on his protegees.As the band is due to hit the stage three hours later,it’s a long wait.

Each musician has his own way to get ready and warm up,a bit like a sportsman before a record attempt oran actor before the curtain comes up.

Ron goes back to the van and warms upin his own way.

Marky goes wandering about , very talkative,as per usual;the band playing in its own backyard,he bumps into various acquaintances and spends also some precious time organizing the arrival of his little family,who’ll join him a littlebit later.


Tommy is always the quietest during the pre-gig hours.He always needs a bit of isolation,where he deals with stress and concentration.However,he too bumps into people he knows in the backstage area.

The wait is however going to seem a lot shorter:a surprise arrival gets everybody together : Lou Cubello,Coroner’s former right hand since the very beginning of the band turns up.Lou,you know,the guy who sings «  Der Mussolini »,but also the devoted tech since day one.

Since the reunion,Lou had got into the habit of introducing the band on stage.For private reasons,Lou had taken a step back regarding the band since the Zurich gig at the end of 2011. Obviously,he took the opportunity of the Meh Suff being so close to meet up with his long time mates.The welcome he gets is a moment of spontaneous freshness in the middle of the ambient stuffiness.Daniel,Marky,Ron,and Tommy welcome him with long and warm hugs.The Coroner family is reunited !

A little while later,it’s Marky’s turn to be reunited with his family,notably his lovely young daughter who,sat on a friend’s shoulders,will get to watch her « drummy daddy » play on stage.

To tell you the truth,rubbing shoulders with Coroner backstage,you’d tend to forget about what’s happening on stage.However,the very loud sound coming from it is enough to remind us that something is going on.And when comes the time when the musicians of Dark Fortress,a German Black Metal band,get ready next to Coroner to hit the stage,the shock is edifying ! So much for making mates backstage,one would almost forget that Meh Suff is an extreme Metal festival….

In order to let the Coroner members enjoy their friends and relatives,we drift towards the stage.The general atmosphere is very warm Whereas the bands battle onstage,many fans enjoy the welcome shade of the tents to have a drink or dig into the merchandising stand to find the latest goodies,which is just perfect,as the new Coroner T-shirts are out.Between the blood red logo and the golden one,the choice is rather nice !!

A walk through the crowd shows something new : never have so many Coroner shirt been worn! Among the crowd we can find some old fans,from the early days,,and,more surprising,some young fans,already noticed for instance during 69Chambers (Tommy’s other band) in Lugano last February.

19:00hrs :

Back in the backstage area,a short 20 minutes before Coroner’ show.The road crew is nowfully active.As they waith for Dark Fortress to leave the stage,Markyis behind the back drop,making adjustments on his drum kit.Daniel is right next to him,doing likewise with his electronic kit.Concentration can be read on their faces.

Tommy is warming up on his own,sat behind the stage.As per usual,even with his huge talent and experience,he looks very tense.

A moment later,it’s the appearance of Lou Cubello,his old mate,that finally brings a smile to his face.

Marky is a lot more relaxed.His drumkit is now ready.He puts on a Karma to Burn Tshirt,and,seeing our camera lens,decides to take a slightly provocating pose.

On stage,the roadies are now in full action mode.Ron’s mic is checked within seconds.In the meantime,Ben,Tommy’s very efficient guitar tech is already bringing out heavy riffs.On the other side of the stage,Lou,always about,is keeping an eye out just to make sure that everything is going as planned.

The crew leaves the stage,and,dead on time,the show can start.It’s a pleasant surprise when Lou,obviously a guest of honour introduces Coroner,followed immediately by the band’s atmospheric intro…

Due to a « festival »configuration,Coroner’s show is limited to around fifty minutes.Furthermore,as they play in front of a rather « extreme »crowd,Coroner will put the emphasis on the more agressive tracks of their repertoire (6 albums between 1987 and 1995),such as « MaskedJackal »,which is played very early in the set.

The band picks tracks equally from each album,and strings them together without any dead time.

« Son of Lilith »featuring on the track list is a real event.This track,requested time and time again by hundreds of die hard fand finally finds its place !!

On the musicians side of things,Ron is very sharp tonight and seems particularly at ease.Tommy seems inhabited by his music and its riffs,with little communication with the fans,even though he comes and brandishes his guitar on the edge of the stage,as to appeal to his audience of the day.

The « Status:still thinking /Metamorphosis » sequence remains one of the most spellbinding moments of the set,just as the classic but however brilliant solo played by Tommy and his E-Bow during« Metamorphosis ».

The last tracks of the band,balanced mix of their albums (« Die by my hand », « Semtex revolution », « Grin ») are performed as dusk comes down.From behind the stage,the effect is striking.

As an Encore, Coroner will, as per usual their revised version of « Reborn through hate ». Ovation from the crowd. In contrast with Dying Fetus annoyance, who are whinging by the stage,as they realize that Coroner exceeded their on stage time by a good ten minutes….They will be the only ones on that night !!

Hervé Rakowski
Daily Rock (text and photos)

Translation by Thomas Chabanne

Tommy Vetterli live at Meh Suff Festival 2013

Lamb Of God, Killswitch Engage, Testament, and Huntress Tour 2013

Tickets go on sale, Friday, July 19thSaturday, July 20th.

Tue/Oct-22 Toronto, ON @ Kool Haus
Wed/Oct-23 Quebec City, QC @ Pavillon de la Jeunesse
Thu/Oct-24 Montreal, QC @ Metropolis
Fri/Oct-25 New York, NY @ Roseland Ballroom
Sat/Oct-26 Wallingford, CT @ Toyota Presents Oakdale Theatre
Mon/Oct-28 Columbus, OH @ The LC Pavilion
Tue/Oct-29 Detroit, MI @ The Fillmore Detroit
Wed/Oct-30 Chicago, IL @ Congress Theater

Fri/Nov-01 Kansas City, MO @ The Midland by AMC
Sat/Nov-02 Grand Prairie, TX @ Verizon Theatre at Grand Prairie
Sun/Nov-03 Socorro, TX @ Socorro Entertainment Center
Tue/Nov-05 Denver, CO @ The Fillmore Auditorium
Thu/Nov-07 Tempe, AZ @ The Marquee
Sat/Nov-09 Oakland, CA @ Fox Theater
Mon/Nov-11 Kent, WA @ ShoWare Center
Tue/Nov-12 Vancouver, BC @ Queen Elizabeth Theatre
Thu/Nov-14 Edmonton, AB @ Shaw Conference Centre
Fri/Nov-15 Calgary, AB @ Big Four
Sat/Nov-16 Saskatoon, SK @ Saskatoon Prairieland Park
Mon/Nov-18 St. Paul, MN @ Myth
Tue/Nov-19 Milwaukee, WI @ Eagles Ballroom
Wed/Nov-20 Grand Rapids, MI @ The Orbit Room
Fri/Nov-22 Sayreville, NJ @ Starland Ballroom
Sat/Nov-23 Boston, MA @ House of Blues
Sun/Nov-24 Philadelphia, PA @ Electric Factory
Mon/Nov-25 Pittsburgh, PA @ Stage AE
Tue/Nov-26 Silver Spring, MD @ The Fillmore Silver Spring

Last night after our show in St. Louis, our tour van was broken into as we were grabbing a bite to eat before our drive to Dallas. We were parked in a well-lit area in front of the restaurant. In the ten to fifteen minutes that it took for us to order our food and eat, all of our personal items such as laptops, cameras, musical equipment, cell phones, passports and money were stolen. We came outside to find the lock on the driver side door popped out of the van, and promptly called the police. A report has been filed and the van was fingerprinted, but the leads don’t seem promising. The police stated that this is apparently a common occurrence in the area. We are all in disbelief, but are very fortunate for everyone to be okay.

After discussing the situation as a group, we would like to try to continue on with this tour, but to be able to do this, we will need your help. We have all taken a huge hit financially, and we cannot continue on without some sort of support. We have set up a paypal account for any amount of donations to assist us for the duration of the tour.


Any and all support will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Jeff Loomis Band and crew

— — — — — —

Below are photos of the crime scene in St. Louis:

Photo of the van, the officers have arrived at the scene.
Photo of the van, the officers have arrived at the scene.

Officer at the band’s black van. The police vehicles are white.
Officer at the band's black van. The police vehicles are white.

Busted lock.
Busted lock.

Another view of the lock.
Another view of the lock.


There will be a special event at the San Manuel Amphitheater in San Bernardino, CA on Friday, September 13!

Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Anthrax, Testament, Overkill and Sabaton.

 The Battle of San Bernardino

Jeff Loomis Band photos at Slim’s – San Francisco, CA on April 5, 2013

Got some fun shots of the guys backstage, but wasn’t aggressive about getting live ones (my camera is kinda lame). If I can salvage a few, I will add them to the gallery later. This is what I have for now. Enjoy!


[Photo by: Stephanie Cabral Photography]

January 26th, 2013 – show starts at 8pm

The Grove of Anaheim

Jeff Loomis
Chris Poland

Jeff Loomis will be performing with his band:

Travis Montgomery – guitar
Matt De Luca – bass
Drums – Anup Sastry

Please Note: ***NAMM is NOT open to the public***

Living In America Tour 2013

Featuring Soilwork, Jeff Loomis, Blackguard, The Browning, and Wretched.

The Jeff Loomis Band is:

Jeff Loomis – guitar
Travis Montgomery – guitar
Alex Weber – bass
Drums – Anup Sastry

Links to dates: Living In America Tour Dates

Living In America 2013 flyer

Gary Holt (Exodus, Slayer fill-in)
Jeff Loomis (Solo, ex-Nevermore)
Chris Broderick (Megadeth)

Gary Holt NAMM 2013

Jeff Loomis NAMM 2013

Chris Broderick NAMM 2013

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