Here is a special eBay auction for my dear friend Jason Becker, thanks to the generosity of the incredibly talented and gifted guitarist, Alex Skolnick (Alex Skolnick Trio/Testament).

The auction will run for 1 week – please pass the message along!

Jason and I thank you both so very much, Alex!!!

Trans Siberian Orchestra Winter Tour 2005 Jacket donated by Testament’s Alex Skolnick
(personally worn by Alex):

eBay Auction for Jason Becker

I will say that although I usually avoid wearing tour merchandise to avoid drawing attention to myself in public, that tour jacket is one I did occasionally wear.

Jason Becker has long been an incredible inspiration for all, musicians and non-musicians alike. The documentary about him, Not Dead Yet, is a must see that fully captures his sense of class, deep thinking and even humor in the face of challenges unimaginable to the rest of us. It is an honor to contribute to the Jason Becker auction. – Alex Skolnick (Alex Skolnick Trio/Testament)

Alex Skolnick performing “O Holy Night” w/ TSO – Raleigh, NC in 2008.

Alex Skolnick with TSO
Alex Skolnick live photo with TSO in 2009
[photo by: James Marvin Phelps, JMP Photography]

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