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September 7th 2010

Ultimate Guitar, Dean Guitars and TheLiveLine Team Up For Testament Karaoke Contest

Enter to win an Autographed Eric Peterson Old Skull Guitar!

Dean Guitars, Ultimate-Guitar, and TheLiveLine are teaming up to bring you what may be the most entertaining contest of the year: The Ultimate TESTAMENT Karaoke Contest!  Contestants will call TESTAMENT guitarist Eric Peterson’s phone number at TheLiveLine to record a verse from any TESTAMENT song, and the best voice impression (winner) will win an autographed Eric Peterson Old Skull V electric guitar from Dean Guitars.

How to enter
1. Call Eric Peterson @ TheLiveLine for FREE to enter for your chance to win:  (877) 323-4455

2. Leave Eric a voice message with your best voice impression from any verse in any TESTAMENT song, and our celebrity panel of judges below will review and find the winner.

3. Create a profile on TheLiveLine and become a fan of Eric Peterson on TheLiveLine’s online community. Sign up, and you’ll be able to get SMS text alerts whenever Eric updates his AudioBlog. Your registration is necessary! If you win, your information will be used to contact you!

Become a fan of Eric Peterson here:

And it just keeps getting better.  Just like American Idol (but in METAL terms), a panel of judges has been assembled to work together to find the winner of The Ultimate TESTAMENT Karaoke Contest!!  The judges are:

-Chuck Billy (TESTAMENT – vocals)
-Brian Tatler (DIAMOND HEAD – guitarist)
-Curse Mackey (Marketing + Special Projects Director of Dean Guitars)

If you know the concept of American Idol, you’ve got some great singers, and some not-so-great ones, too.  To enjoy the full experience and listen to all submissions, sign into your profile at TheLiveLine, or take a quick second to create one if you don’t yet have one:, and make sure you become a fan of Eric Peterson.

Dean Guitars, Ultimate-Guitar, and TheLiveLine look forward to all of your entries.  Additional shenanigans are recommended.

TESTAMENT just finished up their run on the AMERICAN CARNAGE TOUR! Stay tuned for updates on the recording of TESTAMENT’s follow up to their Golden Gods “Album of the Year”, The Formation of Damnation!

Testament's Eric Peterson and Signature Dean Old Skull V 2010

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